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5 Reasons Why A Custom Mattress Is Always the Best Choice for Antiques

Updated: Jun 29

An antique bed is an investment and should be treated as such. While it’s tempting to try to find a mass-produced mattress for your antique bed, this often leads to a mismatch of materials, possible sizing issues, and a lack of support that can cause long-term damage. Instead, always opt for a custom 3/4 mattress to ensure that your antique bed is properly cared for. Let’s look at five reasons why a custom 3/4 mattress is always the best choice for antique beds:

Custom Mattresses Guarantee a Perfect Fit

With a custom 3/4 mattress, you can be sure that the mattress will fit perfectly within the frame of your antique bed. Often antique beds were not made to the standard sizing structure we have today. This means a custom 3/4 mattress is really the only way to make sure there won’t be any sagging or bulging which can cause damage over the long-term, as well as the simple hassle of always have to readjust your bed every time you need to switch out bedding.

Our Custom Mattresses are Made of the Finest Quality Materials

Custom mattresses are made with higher-quality materials than what you’d find in box stores, so you can rest assured knowing that your 3/4 mattress will last for many years on your antique bed. Additionally, custom 3/4 mattresses often come with features such as cooling technology and adjustable firmness levels, both of which can help to improve your sleep quality.

Custom Provides Superior Support to Standard Mattresses

Generic 3/4 mattresses are often not designed to provide the kind of support that antiques need. A custom mattress, however, is designed with your specific needs in mind, providing a more tailored level of support depending on your individual needs. Customized firmness and support is good both for your sleep health and well-being, but also for the longevity of your antique bed.

Properly-Sized Mattresses Prevent Damage to Your Antique Bed Frame

We mentioned this before, but it’s important to repeat: an ill-fitting 3/4 mattress can cause permanent damage to your antique bed. If it’s too big and bulging around the frame, then it’s putting pressure outward on the posts, which were not designed for it over a long time. Too small of a mattress isn’t spreading the weight enough, putting extra force towards the center of the bed. A custom ¾ mattress is the only way to absolutely guarantee that your antique or vintage bed will last for years to come.

A Single, Long-Lasting Mattress is More Cost-Effective

Many people assume that a custom mattress will cost more than a generic one found in a store, but this is often not the case. Our custom made ¾ mattresses have quite a bit of reduced overhead compared to ones found in retails shops, partly due to the fact that we aren’t paying for the shop itself or the costs of the bigger factories needed for large-scale productions. Our mattresses are shipped across the country and custom made for each of our customers, without the need for either of these massive expenditures, meaning we save on this end and pass the savings down to you.

A custom 3/4 mattress is always the best choice for antiques because it is designed to fit perfectly within the frame of your bed, is made with higher-quality materials, provides the necessary support, prevents damage, and is often more cost-effective. Investing in a custom 3/4 mattress for your antique bed is the best way to ensure that your bed is properly cared for and that you get a good night’s sleep.

Interested in a Custom-Sized Mattress? Look No Further!

Interested in ordering a custom mattress for your antique bed? Check out our online showroom at the Antique Bed Mattress Co. We’ve been making to-order custom made mattresses for our customers for years of the highest quality on the market. We’re sure we can help you with any of your custom mattress needs.

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