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A 3/4 Bed is Exactly What it Says on the Label

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

A three-quarter bed is also known as a small double bed. They're a type of bed that is larger than a single bed but smaller than a standard double bed. It measures 48 inches wide by 75 inches long, which is 9 inches wider than a single bed but 6 inches narrower than a standard double bed.

The 3/4 bed has become more popular in recent years as a solution for individuals who need more sleeping space. Singles can be rather small, but you may not have the room for a double or twin. Three-quarter mattresses and frames bridge that gap for people with less space to spare.

One of the most interesting aspects of the 3/4 mattress is its use in antique bed frames. Many antique bed frames were designed to fit a specific size of mattress, and the three-quarter bed was a common size in the past. Antique bed frames that were meant to accommodate small double mattresses are often smaller and more stylish. They may have ornate carvings and intricate details that reflect the craftsmanship of a bygone era. These styles of beds are one of the greatest appeals of using antique bed frames.

They’re Quite Common with Antique Beds Due to Sizing History

So why did antique bed frames use three-quarter mattresses? One reason is that in the past, bedrooms were often smaller than they are today, and a standard double bed would take up too much space. The three-quarter bed provided a great sleeping solution while still leaving enough room for other furniture in the room. Additionally, the three-quarter bedframe was a popular size for children's beds. It provided more sleeping space than a single bed but was still small enough for a child's room.

Another reason that antique bed frames use three-quarter size is that beds were originally made by hand. Since they weren't all done by one group or with one accepted design, mattresses were not standardized in size. This meant that bed frames had to be built to fit the specific size of mattress that was being used. The three-quarter mattress size was a common size for handmade mattresses. As a result, bed frames were often built to accommodate this size.

Today, three-quarter beds are still popular in antique bed frames, as they provide a unique and charming look to a bedroom. Many antique bed frames have been restored and can be used with modern three-quarter mattresses. You may not be able to find these in most mass market retailers, but you can get perfect custom 3/4 mattresses from manufacturers. Even if your frame isn't perfectly sized, you can still find a mattress to fit your needs.

They Still have Great Use in the Modern Home

One of the advantages of using a three-quarter bed is that it provides more sleeping space than a single bed. They're a great option for individuals who like to spread out when they sleep or for couples who need more space than a single bed provides. Additionally, three quarter beds are often less expensive than standard double beds. Their price makes them a great option for individuals who are on a budget.

Comfortable While Compact to Help Declutter

Another advantage of a three-quarter bed is that it can be a great option for guest bedrooms or spare rooms. The smaller size of the three-quarter frame means that it can fit into smaller rooms or rooms that are used for multiple purposes. You can add one in areas such as a home office or playroom as easily as you would a futon.

Additionally, a three-quarter bed is a comfortable option for guests who are staying overnight. Many guest beds are singles or cheap futons, a proper 3/4 bed with a quality mattress will be far better for any guest.

Three quarter beds are a unique and charming option for individuals who need more sleeping space than a single bed provides. The use of three-quarter mattresses in antique bed frames reflects the practicality, charm and craftsmanship of a bygone era. Today, three quarter beds are still a popular option for many individuals. They're a perfect option for smaller bedrooms, guest rooms and those who want to celebrate a classic bedframe.

A ¾ Bed Should Have Fitted Custom Sheets

When you have a unique and charming ¾ antique bed, custom sheets become a valuable addition. These bespoke linens are meticulously crafted to precisely fit the dimensions of your bed. You'll enjoy a flawless, tailored bed appearance. With custom sheets, you can say goodbye to ill-fitting, standard-sized options.

Gone are the days of awkward bunching or too much fabric. Instead, your custom sheets will gracefully drape your antique bed, enhancing its beauty. They offer a level of quality and comfort that mass-produced sheets can't match. You'll have a more enjoyable and restful night's sleep.

Custom sheets for your ¾ antique bed combine aesthetics, practicality, and comfort and you can get them easily from the comfort of your home. With custom sheets you can comfortably appreciate the unique charm and history of your treasured piece of furniture.

Whether you are restoring an antique bed frame or simply looking for a practical sleeping solution, a three-quarter bed is a great option. Check out our online selection for some great options and ideas for your shiny new 3/4 bed’s mattress. Custom mattresses made for you to ensure the modern comforts with the antique frame’s classic look.


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