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A 3/4 Mattress is Perfect for Cramped City Apartments

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Anyone who lives in a big city knows how small and cramped apartments in the downtown core are. Maybe you live in a small studio apartment or a one bedroom that’s less than 700 square feet. While you can store things away and keep your place as minimalistic as possible, one thing you shouldn’t compromise on is getting a good night’s sleep. Studies continually show that getting quality sleep can lead to a better, more fulfilling, and healthy waking life.

One of the simplest ways to get better, efficient sleep is to get a mattress that fits your needs, both hygienically and spatially. Don’t get a smaller bed just to save space and, in turn, get a less quality night of sleep. Instead, break out of the mold of stock mattress sizes.

Standard Mattresses Aren't Always Best for Smaller Areas

If you live in a small apartment, chances are that you’re sleeping on a Single or Twin-sized bed to maximize space. If you go to the mattress store, the next size up is likely a Full-sized (or Double) bed, which is 54” x 75”, just a smidge shorter than a Queen-sized bed. That’s simply too big for your space. Standardized mattresses sizes don’t take unique or small living situations into consideration, but it’s important to know that there are more options out there. If you wish you had a bigger bed, you don’t have to settle for Twin. Consider the so-called antique beds our ancestors used to sleep on before standardization.

3/4 Beds Save Space While Still Offering Comfortable Sleep

A ¾ mattress is an ideal choice for small apartments and rooms where space is limited. With dimensions slightly larger than a Twin-sized bed, measuring at 45" x 75", it offers more room to stretch out and sleep comfortably. This extra width and length provide a nice upgrade in space compared to a standard Twin mattress. ¾ beds allow individuals to enjoy a more spacious sleeping area while still saving space. You don't need to have an antique frame to get a ¾ mattress either.

Why a ¾ Mattress is the Best Bed for Small Areas

¾ mattresses used to be common prior to the standardized mattress sizes that dominate most homes today. While ¾ mattresses are now mostly used with antique bed frames, they make for great mattresses for general, modern use. It’s easier than ever to get a custom bedframe that can fit a ¾ bed. The benefit of ¾ mattresses lies in how they’re larger than traditional bed sizes, but still small enough to allow owners to populate their room or living area with other pieces of furniture. If you’re sharing a living and sleeping space with someone, you know how cramped a Twin-sized bed is, and there’s no way two people can comfortably enjoy a Single bed. A ¾ bed solves this issue, allowing two average sized sleepers to comfortably sleep together, without having to purchase a Full or Queen mattress.

Need Room for a Partner or Pet? A 3/4 Bed can Accommodate

Purchasing a Full or Queen mattress for a studio apartment means you might have to sacrifice dining room space or a large couch to enjoy television. A ¾ mattress is just slightly bigger than a Twin, which doesn’t comfortably sleep two. A ¾ antique bed mattress should allow two people to sleep well, without eliminating other pieces of furniture to adorn the living space. If you’re sleeping solo or with a pet, you’ll love the extra, unrestrictive space.

¾ Beds Are Also Perfect for Children in Smaller Rooms

A ¾ mattress is particularly suitable for both adults and growing children. For adults, it offers a comfortable sleep surface that is more spacious than a Twin-sized bed. For growing children or teenagers, the ¾ mattress provides a transitional size. A perfect upgrade as they outgrow their childhood Twin mattress. It offers enough space to accommodate their changing bodies and sleep patterns. It's both a practical and cost-effective choice for families.

How To Find the Right ¾ Mattress

If the idea of having more space without compromising square footage intrigues you, you’ll be pleased to know ¾ mattresses are available online to purchase. Most stores won’t carry a ¾ mattress as it’s considered niche, and is pretty much antiquated. Going custom with a brick-and-mortar store can be costly. So where do you get the right ¾ mattress for your apartment? Right here at Antique Bed Mattress Co., where ¾ beds are custom-made to your specifications. Our website allows sleepers to input their design specifications to create the perfect ¾ mattress to meet their spatial requirement. Measure out the space you have and then input the bed’s length, width, and even height – in a few weeks you’ll be sleeping more relaxed than ever.

Sizing isn’t the only aspect of a mattress that you should consider. Think about how you sleep and the needs you require to boost your sleep hygiene. ¾ beds are available in a variety of different materials like foam and coil, providing sleepers the options they need to get a good night’s sleep. For great body conformation, pressure relief, and motion isolation, consider one of our premium foam beds – ideal for side sleepers. Sleep on your back? Consider our coil mattresses that provide strong support and great airflow.


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