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Always Buy a New Mattress for Your Antique Bed

Updated: Apr 4

Congratulations, you’ve managed to get your hands on a rare three-quarter antique bed. Collectors and historians from all over the world have found themselves enamored with antique beds for their specialty and unique designs. In a modern context, three-quarter beds can still be used - that is if you have space for it, which is the first of many challenges in utilizing these unique relics from the past. Once you’ve made room for your new antique bed, it’s time to find a solution to the mattress problem.

Most major mattress retailers don’t carry products suited for antique beds, which can make it practically impossible to find a mattress or accompanying accessories, like bed sheets. Many new antique bed owners will find themselves buying an old three-quarter mattress to make use of their one-of-a-kind bed.

One common pitfall for new antique bed owners is purchasing a used or second-hand mattress to accommodate their vintage bed frame. While buying a pre-owned mattress may initially seem like a practical and cost-effective solution, it poses several drawbacks that outweigh its perceived benefits. Used mattresses often harbor hidden hygiene issues. This includes accumulated dust mites, allergens, and bodily fluids. All of which can compromise sleep quality and pose health risks to the occupants.

Old Mattresses May Carry Bed Bugs & Other Gross Residue

As much as we think of beds as a safe place to relax and snooze away, they’re quite dirty when you bring out the microscope. One in five Americans have experienced a bed bugs infestation or know someone who has dealt with them. The size of an apple seed, bed bugs can cause major rashes on one’s skin, sparking allergic reactions and considerable discomfort. While it’s possible to inspect a used mattress, it’s more than likely you’ll miss out on several gross factors that have dominated the bed.

Simply put, you don’t know how clean the previous owner was. While that may come off as fearmongering, it’s hard to deny facts that are universal. The average human sheds anywhere between 0.03 and 0.09g of skin every hour, meaning you’ll likely lose 0.24 to 0.72g of skin just tonight if you get the recommended 8 hours of sleep. No deep clean will fully rid any mattress of dead skin cells, or the thought of them. That’s also not to mention the possibilities of sweat, bacteria, and smells that may seep into the mattress. Don’t forget about dust mites, whose presence can spark allergies. A bed isn’t just where you sleep, it’s an integral part of your health, which can boost your waking life. Invest in the next 8 to 10 years of your sleeping life by buying a brand-new three-quarter antique bed.

A New Bed Will Provide More Comfort Than an Old One

The allure of acquiring an antique bed imbued with history and character can be a tempting choice. Unfortunately, prospective buyers must weigh the drawbacks associated with purchasing a used antique bed. New beds offer consumers the flexibility to customize their purchase and ensure optimal comfort and support. On the other hand, used antique beds present inherent limitations and uncertainties.

One significant drawback of purchasing a used antique bed is the lack of control over the buying experience. With new bed purchases, consumers can try various mattresses and select the ideal option based on their preferences. Purchasing a used antique bed often entails limited testing opportunities and uncertain quality assurance. Without the ability to test the mattress rigorously or customize its features to suit individual sleep needs, buyers may find themselves facing unforeseen comfort issues and dissatisfaction with their purchase.

Another critical consideration when purchasing a used antique bed is the inevitable wear and deterioration that occurs over time. Antique beds, while imbued with charm and nostalgia, have likely experienced years of use. They may exhibit signs of wear, damage, or structural instability. Mattresses, in particular, undergo significant wear and tear with prolonged use. This can result in diminished comfort, support, and hygiene. The average lifespan of a mattress typically ranges from 5 to 10 years. Purchasing a used mattress near or far past the end of its lifespan may force premature replacement to restore sleep quality and comfort.

Finding A Custom-Made Mattress for An Antique Bed

It can be practically impossible to find a mattress for a three-quarters bed as those dimensions are mostly out of style. Major manufacturers ignore mattresses for antique beds simply because there isn’t much of a market for them. This forces new antique bed owners to find used mattresses which can be extremely uncomfortable and riddled with bacteria and fluids.

Find a sleeping arrangement that’s truly yours by opting for a custom-made mattress for your antique bed. Antique Bed Mattress Co. features a variety of three-quarter beds that can be endlessly customized. Choose from premium foam or comfortable coils for a modern sleeping experience that doesn’t compromise your antique bed’s uniqueness. Simply select your bed’s desired width, length, and height and we’ll ship over a premium custom-made antique bed mattress that will leave you feeling refreshed and regal after a solid night’s sleep.


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