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Antique Beds Don’t Require Antique Mattresses

If you look hard enough, you’ll find an entire community of historians and hobbyists who adore antique beds. Go to any home and you’ll find standardized mattress sizes like Queen or King but there’s a slew of old-school beds that don’t fit the modern mold we’re used to. These bedframes have a unique history and come in a variety of designs – just take a look at our guide which explains the many types of antique beds that you can find at an old relative’s home or boutique shop that deals in antiquities.

How Beds Have Changed Overtime

Thanks to modern technology, general advancements, and scientists who have dedicated years to understanding sleep, it’s now possible to get a mattress that truly feels like you’re lying on a cloud. New, endlessly customizable mattresses are a far cry from the straw and animal skin beds that our ancestors used to sleep on. By the time the antique beds we’re familiar with came into play, mattresses came in uniform, awkward sizes, and they lacked the care and attention to detail that modern ingenuity has brought us.

Modern beds come in a variety of options and cater to special sleeping profiles, like those who lay on their stomachs. Different sleepers require different materials, which is why retailers carry both coil and foam-based mattresses, each with their own special benefits. Unlike our ancestors, we have the privilege of having multiple options to mull over before we find the perfect match.

If you’ve received an antique bed, which likely requires a three-quarter mattress, you don’t need to sleep like you’re in the stone age.

Find the Perfect ¾ Bed for Your Antique Mattress

Not all antique beds require three quarter beds but most do, a mattress size that isn’t commonly found. It’s doubtful that your current mattress will fit your brand-new antique bed, which means a new mattress will be needed. It’s recommended that you don’t seek out an old antique mattress that has been used and instead opt for a new one that can be catered to your sleep profile.

If you’re a side sleeper and want to sink into bed with a cool feeling, consider a three-quarter foam mattress. A quality foam mattress will touch upon key pressure points, resulting in a smooth sleeping experience that will leave you feeling refreshed. The foam will adapt to your body’s shape and posture, offering a level of support that’s unparalleled. This is comfort that those with antique beds would have loved to chase.

Those who want strong support while they sleep and don’t want to feel as if they’re sinking, there’s no better antique bed mattress than one with coils. A three-quarter pocket coil mattress is designed to last for several years due to the placement of the coils, which are wrapped in a fabric, which provides maximal comfort and sturdiness. Pocket coils react to parts of the body differently, meaning heavier parts will feel extended relief due to the pressure added to the bed.

Custom antique bed mattresses are available in a different sizes and lengths, as no period piece bed is made alike. First, measure your antique bed and then decide which mattress material suits your sleep profile. From there, configure your antique mattress to make it perfect for you. Don’t forget to add a custom mattress protector which will help extend the lifespan of your specially-designed bed.

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