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Custom Size Mattresses for Antique Beds Don't Have to Be Expensive

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Antique beds continue to rise in popularity as nostalgia becomes a booming commodity. Younger generations are constantly looking for opportunities to connect with the past in meaningful ways. While some might indulge in music, films, or art, others want a physical relationship with the way we used to do things, which is why antiquing has become a popular hobby. Desks, lamps, chairs, wardrobes – you name it, people will flock to it.

Most furniture is self-sufficient, in the sense that it doesn’t require additional objects or pieces of furniture to serve its function. ¾ beds, commonly known as antique beds, may be great to look at, but they require a mattress to actually serve their purpose.

The issue most ¾ bed owners go through is that they can’t just go to mattress store and purchase a fitting mattress. Prior to standardized mattress sizes, manufacturers would simply focus on what the consumer wanted, without putting much thought into practicality. Today, if you’re have a ¾ bed, you have to go through great lengths to find an appropriate custom size mattress for an antique bed.

So, what options does a ¾ bed owner have? Well, they could purchase a previously used ¾ mattress, though that would be extremely unhygienic and detrimental to one’s sleep, as not all mattresses are made equal. Another option is to create a custom mattress for an antique bed, which isn’t as costly as one would imagine. In fact, custom made mattresses for antique beds are probably the best option for those who are lucky to have them.

The Benefits of Custom Mattresses for Antique Beds

When it comes to antique beds, custom is the only way one should really go. Each ¾ bed is different in shape and design, meaning extra care has to be put into the production and creation process. Some ¾ beds are taller than others, which will directly affect the size of the custom-made mattress. The terms antique beds and ¾ may be interchangeable colloquially, but not all antique beds are ¾ in size.

Most antique beds are ¾, i.e., 48” × 75”, but standardization was never on the mind of most mattress makers. A wide variety of antique beds are 48” x 72,” or even 48” x 70”, which means that you have to be sure just how big your bed is to get the most accurate design. Be wary of manufacturers that offer a “standard custom mattress for antique beds.” It’s possible that their version of standard won’t fit the bed you have at home.

The Materials Change the Feel of the Bed

While designing your custom size mattress for antique beds, take note of the material that best suits your needs. Because ¾ beds are smaller than most standard beds on the market, it’s important that the mattress you have perfectly caters to your sleep profile. Be sure to spend time researching the type of mattress material that you think works best for you. In most cases, you’ll be choosing between foam and coil three-quarter mattresses.

Foam Three Quarter Mattresses are Great for Side Sleepers

Foam three-quarter mattresses offer benefits that make them a popular choice. The contouring properties of foam provide personalized support. If you lie on your side, they can relieve pressure points and reducing discomfort. Foam ¾ mattresses excel in motion isolation. They have minimal disturbances for couples sharing the bed.

Additionally, foam's hypoallergenic nature makes it ideal for those who suffer from allergies. A perfect pick for those who need a cleaner and allergy free sleep environment. The material's durability and resilience ensure long-lasting performance. Foam three-quarter mattresses are a wise investment with a balance of comfort and value.

Coil Mattresses are Great for Back Sleepers

Lie on your back? Coil is the way to go. The coil design provides excellent support and helps maintain proper spinal alignment. A firm coil ¾ mattress that promotes a restful night's sleep. The sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity. Coil mattresses also allow for better air circulation. They prevent heat buildup and promoting a cooler sleep surface. With their reliable support and cooling properties, coil three-quarter mattresses offer a restful night's sleep.

One of the best benefits of custom is that you can pick everything, right down to the firmness of the bed, and type of material used. Once you purchase a custom mattress for your antique bed, there’s no way you’ll go back to standardized, ready-made beds.

Where To Find a Custom Size Mattress for Antique Beds

Brick-and-mortar stores may offer custom mattresses for antique beds but it’s more than likely possible that they don’t often deal with ¾ beds because they’re so niche. When it comes to antique beds, it’s best to work with experts who know ¾ mattresses inside and out. Antique Bed Mattress Co. is your one stop shop to finding a custom-made mattress for your ¾ bed. Made to order from premium materials, we passionately design the best mattresses made for ¾ beds. Order from our soft and relaxing foam mattresses or supportive and calming coil beds – you won’t be disappointed.

Once you’ve picked the material for your ¾ mattress, choose the firmness that helps lull you to sleep. Then, input the dimensions of your antique beds – we’ve seen them all, so no request surprises us. Voila! Your antique bed now has a custom mattress that is perfectly designed just for you. Because we’re an online-only retailer, we don’t have the same costs that brick-and-mortar mattress shops do. We’re saving money by helping customers wholly online, which is why pass our savings right onto you.

Compare our custom mattress prices to other locations, and you’ll see that we’re priced competitively, sometimes even lower. Cheaper doesn’t mean a poor bed, as all our custom mattress for antique beds are made with the finest materials available. We pride ourselves on transparency, which is why we invite you to read our reviews from real customers just like you.


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