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Everything To Know About Ordering a Custom Antique Bed Mattress

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

If you’re looking for a custom antique bed mattress, chances are that you’ve just found yourself a three-quarter bed frame. Perhaps you found an antique bed at the local flea market or received your new bed as an heirloom. Whatever your reason is, we’re here to help you. With a bit of research, you’ve likely learned that antique beds require three-quarter mattresses, an irregular size that most retailers and big box stores don’t carry.

In most cases, your best bet is to find a custom manufacturer that can create a three-quarter mattress. The problem with physical custom mattress stores is that they’re not competitively priced and aren’t experts in one particular size. We, at Antique Bed Mattress Co. specialize in antique bed mattresses. Our team has delivered innumerable three-quarter beds that are made with quality and the finest materials. Our antique bed mattresses are competitively priced, meaning you’ll receive the best possible three-quarter bed that won’t break the bank.

It's natural to be curious about ordering a custom antique bed mattress online, especially if you’ve never ordered a bed on the internet before. Antique Bed Mattress Co. has a simple and easy ordering process.

How To Find the Right Three-Quarter Beds

Getting a custom-made mattress for an antique bed means you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to materials and size. Before you bring out the measuring tape, consider what material you want for your antique bed mattress. Antique Bed Mattress Co. sells both three quarter foam and coil mattresses. Both of our antique bed styles sell under the Dream brand, which boasts a variety of options dependent on material and level of firmness desired.

Spend time perusing through our beds and find the one that speaks to your physical needs. To make an informed choice, consider which mattress you currently have. Make a list of pros and cons, and pay attention to how your body feels in the morning. Because we create custom antique bed mattresses, we can help replicate the exact sleeping experience you currently have, albeit with a three-quarter bed.

If your current mattress is giving you issues, think about your sleep profile and needs. If you sleep on your side and currently have a coil mattress, there’s a chance that your shoulders are hurting in the morning. This is because a coil bed is meant to provide superior support. Your shoulder wants to sink into bed, but is instead being pushed upwards. In most cases, coil beds are best for those who sleep on their backs, as they need extra support for their back, which needs to maintain posture.

An easy remedy is to order a three-quarter foam mattress, such as the Dream Nº 7, which is made of latex foam. With a firmness of 5 to 7, the foam bed will cradle your sides as you sleep, providing significant support to pressure points, whilst also creating a sinking sensation. If you need something firmer, the ¾ Dream Nº 3 is a firmer foam mattress available.

There are options available for any mattress type you may want. A new mattress is an opportunity to overhaul your entire sleeping experience, so spend some time to figure out exactly what type of sleeper you are, and find the right three-quarter bed for your needs.

Once you’ve decided on an antique bed mattress model, it’s time to measure your bed frame. While all three-quarter beds are antique beds, not all antique beds are three-quarters. It’s important to ensure that you get a mattress that perfectly fits your bed, which is why we recommend users utilize our measuring tool on our FAQ – it’ll help you input the correct dimensions for your three-quarter mattress.

Once you’ve inputted the dimensions of the antique bed mattress, you can order your bed and have it shipped straight to your door.

Don’t Forget to Get Matching Bedsheets While You’re Online

After investing in a custom mattress for your antique frame, the next step is to order sheets that match. Custom sheets for ¾ beds ensure a seamless fit for your mattress, preventing any awkward bunching or overhang. They're designed to complement the specific dimensions and contours of your mattress. You'll have a crisp and tailored appearance that enhances the look of your bed.

Additionally, custom sheets offer a level of luxury and comfort that standard-sized sheets may not provide. They're crafted with your mattress's unique characteristics in mind. By completing your bedding ensemble with custom sheets, you not only elevate the visual appeal of your bed but also enhance your sleep experience. You can create a harmonious and personalized sanctuary within your antique frame.

How Your Antique Bed Mattress Will Arrive

We’ll likely have your custom-made antique bed mattress ready in three weeks, which is when we’ll ship it out to you. The three-quarter mattress will arrive in a box – a practice the Antique Bed Mattress Co. has been following since 2008. While it may seem awkward to have your mattress arrive in a compact, know that we take great care to ensure that your mattress arrives in the best possible shape.

Each mattress we make is specially made and will arrive compressed and rolled. Compressing the custom mattress does not change the bed’s integrity, levels of comfort, or the way it feels. The same can be said for when the mattress is rolled. When the three-quarter mattress arrives, simply place it on top of your bedframe and allow it to expand – a process that should take no more than a few minutes. There is no need to wait for the mattress to “breathe” overnight. Once your antique bed mattress has expanded, you can place your sheets on it and get to resting!


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