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How to Choose Bedding That Perfectly Meets Your Expectations

Updated: Feb 28

The importance of choosing the right mattress for healthy sleep is widely acknowledged. It's generally accepted that you'll buy a modern custom mattress for an antique bed. But the often-overlooked factor in improving sleep quality lies in the realm of bedding. The materials, size, and density of your bedspread, sheets, and pillowcases all play integral roles in enhancing or hindering your sleep.

The journey to a restful night's sleep begins with a careful consideration of your bedding choices. The material of your bedspread, whether it's cotton, linen, or a cozy blend, influences breathability and comfort. Understanding your personal preferences and the climate in which you sleep can guide you toward the ideal fabric that promotes a cozy and temperate sleeping environment.

Density, often related to the thread count in sheets, can also significantly impact the tactile experience of sleep. Exploring the sweet spot that aligns with your personal preferences ensures that your bedding complements the overall sleep experience.

In essence, the journey to healthy sleep extends beyond the mattress to the very fabric that cradles you each night. Take the time to consider the material, size, and density of your bedding, tailoring these choices to your unique preferences. The right combination can transform your sleep sanctuary into a haven of comfort, contributing to a night of restorative and blissful sleep.

Let's break down each consideration:

Choosing the right duvet and pillows

Before exploring luxurious bed linens and high thread count sheets, it’s important to build a solid foundation. The foundation of bedding starts with pillows and a duvet.

No bed is complete without a fluffy duvet, but there are other important factors to keep in mind. If your room is noticeably warm or cold at night, it’s important to select a duvet that accommodates that. If you’re partner hates being hot, finding a happy medium with your duvet can ease bedroom tension.

There is actually a metric to know how warm a duvet will keep you at night known as tog rating. In the summer months or hot rooms, try to use a duvet that falls between 2.5 to 4.5 tog. When the weather or temperature falls in the middle, consider a 9 to 10 tog. When winter rolls around or if your AC works extra hard, try to keep your duvet in the 12 to 13.5 tog range.

For pillows, it’s important to find something that’s soft and comfortable without sacrificing crucial head support. When shopping for pillows, or checking in on old ones, try the arm test. Simply place your pillow over your extended arm and see what happens. If the pillow stays straight, you’re in good shape, but if it drapes over your arm, it’s in poor sleeping condition.

Considering thread count

Thread count is the first thing that comes to mind when shopping for bedding. Despite this, navigating thread counts can be confusing and most people don’t know what count the best value will be.

For starters, thread count measures the number of threads per square inch in fabric. The higher the count, the finer the fabric is. While it’s often used to measure quality, thread counts are often intentionally deceptive to justify overpriced bed sheets.

When it comes to selecting fabric, thread count is worth keeping in mind, but it’s more important to consider the quality of the weaving and the fineness of the yarn used to craft the bed sheets. Quantity is more important than quality so don’t get lost in the weeds by focusing solely on the thread count number.

Choosing the right materials

Most bedding will be made of either cotton, silk, or linen. All three of these materials provide breathable bedding that’s optimal for sleep. However, all three have their own unique traits to offer.

The standard option for bed sheets is cotton, but on the luxury end is Egyptian cotton which offers a smooth, crisp finish. Egyptian cotton is breathable, comfortable, beautiful and some of the best value for your dollar you’ll find anywhere.

If you’re concerned about the impact your bedding may have on your skin, silk sheets may be right for you. Silk bedding is structured with protein-infused thread that can tame and promote healthy hair while also keeping skin hydrated. If you find the glossy finish of silk sheets to be a nuisance, don’t worry most come with cotton covers that do not hinder the benefits of silk.

Finally, for those looking for a relaxed finish that gives off the same vibes as a beach-side resort, there is linen. Many worry about the wrinkly look that linen often takes, but don’t let this deter you. A few washes will soften and smooth the sheets resulting in a better finish.

Go Custom Made When You Can

Investing in custom-made and fitted bedding for antiques is a paramount choice for unlocking the epitome of a good night's sleep. Unlike generic, one-size-fits-all options, custom bedding caters specifically to individual needs and preferences, ensuring a personalized sleep sanctuary.

The tailored fit eliminates unnecessary wrinkles and bulges. It offers a seamless integration with your mattress and bed frame. Custom materials and designs accommodate diverse sleep styles. Whether you crave the silky embrace of luxury or the breathable comfort of natural fibers, there are options for you. Elevate your sleep experience with bedding that is meticulously crafted to match your individual desires, transforming each night into a bespoke journey to restful bliss.

Finding the perfect fit

Finding the right size bedding is simple for anyone who owns a standard-sized mattress, but it may seem like a stressful endeavor for anyone who owns a specialty mattress. For example, if you own an antique bed, you may have a three-quarters mattress and traditional retailers will not likely carry the right size for you.

To help make your buying experience easier and convenient, stick with experts like us who specialize in bedding for three quarter mattresses. Antique Bed Mattress is proud to feature mattress protectors that fit ¾ beds.

Is your antique bed larger or smaller than a three-quarter mattress? Not a problem. Allow us to create a custom-made protector that fits your mattress by inputting your dimensions. We also offer premium bed sheets which are tailor-made to fit antique beds and other unique mattress designs. You can always find the perfect fit at


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