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What to Look for in a Quality Three Quarter Foam Mattress

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

One of the most important choices you can make for your health and wellbeing is investing in a quality mattress that speaks to your needs. There’s no mattress that takes a one-size-fits-all approach, each person has different requirements to get the best possible sleep.

To ensure you’re sleeping well, it’s important to find the right material that fits your profile. Generally speaking, if you sleep on your side, require pressure point relief, or just enjoy the sensation of sinking into bed, you should consider a foam mattress. If you’re in the market for a three-quarter foam mattress, you should know that there are various different types of foams available on the market.

Find The Right Foam That Works for You

On the market, you’ll typically find two main types of foam mattresses: memory foam and latex foam. Occasionally, you can also find a mixture of various sorts of foam, which is cheaper, though each brand has their own name for it. Each type of foam has its own unique benefits which can add to healthy, more prosperous sleep.

If you’re set on purchasing a three quarter foam mattress, take the time to learn how each foam is different. If you’re sharing your three quarter mattress with a partner, ask them what type of sleeping experience they’re looking for, then begin to find a happy medium.

Memory Foam Contours to Your Body

If you’re a sleeper who wants ultimate relaxation and enjoys the sensation of sinking into bed, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better material for your three quarter bed than foam. The foam material is a favorite for those who want a bed to contour to their shape. This provides phenomenal support to key parts of the body, especially the sides.

A three quarter mattress made from foam will also provide great motion isolation, which is key if your sleeping partners shifts around a lot during sleep. Aside from being durable, a three quarter foam mattress will retain heat, making it an amazing option for those who sleep cool.

For a three quarter memory foam mattress that leaves you feeling rejuvenated, consider the Dream Nº 5 mattress, made to your liking. With a firmness of 5 – 7, this three quarter foam mattress provides stable support, while still preserving the fantastic sinking sensation that memory foam is known for.

Want More Bounce? A Latex Foam Mattress Will Do Wonders

Memory foam invites sleepers to sink into bed, but that sensation may not be pleasing for some. Luckily, there’s a three quarter foam mattress that still provides the support of relaxing, contouring foam, without forcing the body to descend into the bed.

Latex foam mattresses are just as supportive as memory foam beds, but they come with a bit more bounce. Latex is also quite breathable, making it a great bed for those who sleep cool. Our Dream Nº 7 three quarter latex foam mattresses uses organic materials, meaning your antique bed will be from harmful toxins, heavy metals, formaldehyde, or phthalates. The latex foam rests on a premium orthopedic back support base, making it the perfect option for those sleep both on their backs or sides. The Dream Nº 7 antique bed mattress is available with a firmness of 5 – 7.

Memory Foam Mattresses are Known for Their Durability

Three quarter memory foam mattresses are known for their durability and longevity. High-quality memory foam retains its shape and performance over the years. Memory foam helps your investment in a mattress for your antique three quarter bed stand the test of time.

The resilient nature of memory foam means it won't sag or lose its supportive qualities, even when placed on an older frame. This durability ensures you can enjoy comfortable and restful nights of sleep for many years. You won't need frequent replacements. Memory foam three quarter beds are a practical choice for your antique bed.

Foam Isn’t Hard on Wooden Slats

Antique ¾ bed frames often feature wooden slats as part of their support system. Memory foam mattresses are well-suited for such frames because they can contour to the surface of the slats. Foam can distribute weight evenly across the entire mattress. This not only provides excellent support but also prolongs the life of both the mattress and the frame.

The ability of memory foam to adapt to various support structures makes it an ideal choice for antique frames with slats.

The Aesthetic of an Antique Frame with the Comfort of Foam

Combining an antique three quarter bed frame with a memory foam mattress offers a unique and enhanced sleep experience. The classic charm of the antique frame adds a touch of timeless elegance to your bedroom, creating an atmosphere of nostalgia and comfort.

Meanwhile, the memory foam mattress enhances your sleep quality by conforming to your body's contours. They alleviate pressure points and minimizes motion transfer. This means you can enjoy the best of both worlds: the aesthetic appeal of an antique bed and the modern comfort of memory foam. The result is a sleep experience that transcends eras. A three quarter antique memory foam bed can provide you with restful and rejuvenating nights in a setting rich with history and style.

How Important is Layering & Firmness?

Extra layers are a marketing gimmick and, in most cases, consumers won’t be able to feel the additional layers. Our three quarter beds don’t feature extra, unnecessary layers because it would just lead to us charging you more. Instead, we’re focusing on the quality of the foam in our three quarter beds. Our foams, regardless of which you choose, are expertly designed to feel premium and relaxing, while providing quality airflow.

Firmness is just as important as deciding the right material for your three quarter mattress. Simply put, firmness operates on 1 to 10 level scale, with 1 being the softest, with 10 being the firmest. Extreme ends of the spectrum provide negative results in most cases. With a firmness of 1, you’ll sink deep into the bed, struggling to get out. You’ll receive little to no support, which will put extreme pressure on your joints. 10 is akin to be rock hard, too firm to the point of no comfort or relaxation.

Most three quarter foam mattress sleepers prefer anywhere between 5 to 7 firmness, which marries stability and support with the relaxing sensation of sinking – it’s the best of both worlds. Both or the Dream Nº 5 and 7 three quarter foam mattresses feature 5 to 7 firmness. Looking for something with more support and firmness? We’ve got your back.

The Firmest Three-Quarter Foam Mattress

If you want extra support and love the idea of having a stable bed that you don’t sink into, you’ll be delighted with our Dream Nº 3 three quarter foam mattress. Made from Premium Eco Foam (which are free from toxins, heavy metals, formaldehyde, or phthalates), this three quarter bed provides come with our most pressure-relieving foam. With a firmness of 8 – 8.5, this bed is just firm enough for sleepers who prefer a harder bed. Like our other three quarter foam mattresses, the Dream Nº 3 is equipped with our open-cell technology foam, which leaves sleepers cool and relaxed. The best part? The Dream Nº 3 foam mattress is our most budget-friendly.

All our three quarter foam mattresses can be purchased online at Antique Bed Mattress Co.


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