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What To Know Before You Bring Home an Antique Bed

Getting your hands on an antique bed is a unique experience that’s different for everyone. Maybe an elderly relative is downsizing, offering you the chance to take their one-of-a-kind ¾ bed, or perhaps you’ve found yourself at a yard sale, where you’ve fallen in love with a special American Victorian rarity. Though they’re not as conventional as modern beds, antique bedframes are a special blend of art and history. It’s easy to get sucked down a rabbit hole of the history of antique beds, as well as the various types and designs that can be found.

If you’re purchasing a ¾ bed, spend time analyzing the frame for any issues or defects. Is it sturdy enough? Will it support the weight of you and your partner? Does the seller have any information about the bed’s history, finish or design?

Learning more about the value behind your hopeful antique bed can help you make an informed decision. A key consideration is to also figure out if the bed itself will actually fit into your home and room. It’s almost unlikely that your speculative antique bed can be dismantled and put together again, so it’ll have to come in one piece.

Antique beds can be valuable, though most hang on to them for sentimental reasons. There are countless stories of families handing down antique beds to the next generation, which can make receiving one all the more special. All in all, antique beds are a special part of the past that are now part of your present. Wherever your antique bed journey may have started, it always ends at the same question: “Where can I find a mattress for an antique bed?”

Antique Beds Require a Specific Mattress Size

Antique beds typically require ¾ quarter mattresses, a unique design that won’t be found at big box retailers. Measure your antique bed and see how big it is. Length can depend on where the bed hails from, as well as they style it’s adopting. It’s safe for us to assume that the antique bed will be smaller than you’re used to, especially if your home boasts a King or Wyoming King-sized bed.

Before you bring an antique bed home, understand that your current mattress, no matter how great it is, more than likely won’t fit on your new frame. It is possible to convert an antique bed, allowing it to fit a full mattress. While this option may seem great, it can take away from the design and inherent value of the antique bed.

This shouldn’t dissuade you from sleeping on a bit of history, however. It’s always better to buy a new mattress instead of purchasing an old, used one. If your antique bedframe comes with a used ¾ mattress, ditch it. Old mattresses can be trapped with lice, dust, and other issues that could lead to poor sleep hygiene. It’s important to prioritize your health and comfort by finding a comfortable mattress that’s right for you.

The Best Place to Find a Brand-New Antique Mattress

A brand-new, three-quarter mattress for an antique bed can be purchased online. The beauty of purchasing a custom mattress online is that you have increased flexibility in design and material choice. Both coil and foam options are available in sizes which are extremely customizable. If your ¾ bed has an awkward height, the custom mattress can be adjusted to suit unique sleeping needs.

Because not all antique beds are created alike, it’s crucial that time is spent creating the perfect sleeping build. Bedding for a custom ¾ antique mattress is also available online, making it easier than ever to prolong your bed’s lifespan.


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